Delaney partners with those committed to social good to experiment towards their envisioned future. At Redstone, she has partnered with leading philanthropies and non-profits to: design cohorts implementing education solutions with peer-to-peer support and expert guidance; prototype and pilot technology for human-centered charitable food services; and identify and leverage unrealized opportunities for learning within partners’ existing strategies.

Her interest in strategic design and action-oriented learning has bridged many roles. Delaney joined an Ashoka Global Enterprise to co-create a strategy for connecting practitioners serving over 8,000 youth. With Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, she investigated alternative regulatory options for false information in cable television. And in her free time, Delaney co-designed an interactive art exhibit at Coulter Art Gallery that elicited students’ responses to racism in the wake of the 2016 election.

Delaney is a San Diego native who likes to struggle against the waves on her foam surfboard. When feeling less adventurous, you can find her knitting and listening to podcasts about film scores, or simply drinking coffee while wandering the city with friends.