Cecilia is joining Redstone as she nears the conclusion of her time as a student at Amherst College. At Amherst, Cecilia is a Psychology major also completing a certificate in their Five College Consortium regarding Culture, Health, and the Sciences. She wrote her thesis on the impact of childhood socioeconomic status on the perceived relevancy of emotional events.

Cecilia is passionate about various social sector issues, spending her earlier college years interning with different organizations, hoping that first-hand experience would help her later understand what problems address social-oriented organizations. In particular, she is invested in understanding the field of education. She interned with PBS Newshour Classroom, the education branch of the PBS Newsroom, working to provide educational resources to Title I educators, and also spent a summer teaching herself. Cecilia is also interested in the Maternal and Child health field and helped develop publicly accessible databases for Georgetown University’s National Center for Education on Maternal and Child Health. Finally, she has recently started involving herself more in the field of sustainability in her new role as a Communication, Education, and Outreach Fellow for the Amherst College Office of Sustainability.

Cecilia also is in her fourth year as an athlete at Amherst College. She spends much of her time working in the Amherst College Athletics Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Representatives program, where she has designed and led DEI educational programming for large groups of student-athletes. She is particularly invested in community outreach, both organizing opportunities for others and spending time each week working in person with local organizations.

Cecilia is originally from Northern Virginia, though, after spending many years in New England, she has grown to love hiking and spending time outdoors in colder weather. She has been a competitive soccer player through college and loves meeting others through sports. She is also an avid cook and baker who especially loves experimenting with different cuisines and dietary preferences.