Lily joins Redstone after graduating from Stanford with a M.S. in Sustainability Science and Practice and a B.A. with honors in International Relations. Combining her interests in tech ethics, immigration and human rights, Lilys undergraduate thesis evaluated the quality and challenges of data privacy protection for resettled refugees in the United States. Her passion for ethnographic design also prompted her to partner with the Black and Missing Foundation during her master’s to tailor call-to-action posts for different audiences to share black missing persons alerts on social media. 

At Stanford, Lily took night shifts as a live-in counselor at the Bridge, a student-run, 24/7 peer counseling service. While not debriefing with other counselors, she loves rocking out to My Chemical Romance with her acappella group and singing in beautiful cathedrals with the Chamber Chorale.   

Prior to joining Redstone, Lily worked with the Election Integrity Partnership to track misinformation spread in Chinese-speaking communities during the 2022 US midterm election. She has written reports on cloud security and police surveillance with the Atlantic Council and Lawfare, helped found immigration clinics in community colleges during her internship at the Santa Clara County government, and evaluated policy options for increasing affordable housing in Oakland with members of the Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN). She currently serves on the board of directors of YWCA, a nonprofit providing counseling and housing relief services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. 

In New York, you can find Lily swing-dancing her nights away, shouting random suggestions at improv shows, and slurping ramen on a rainy day.