Dear friends and colleagues,  

For the last 20 years, Redstone Strategy Group, (Redstone) has pursued impact by serving foundations, nonprofits, and governments as they work to solve the world’s most urgent social problems. The work has been challenging and meaningful, and it remains undone. Work this vital demands the very finest from all of us engaged in it. Beginning in 2023, we are undertaking a big shift in how we pursue this work so that we can operate with greater scale and more diverse ways of working on a wider range of issues: we are becoming a division of Arabella Advisors 

Our commitments to impact on our clients, our people, and the field of social impact remain steadfast. We believe that Arabella’s ongoing efforts to make the social sector more efficient, effective, and equitable will enhance our work. Meanwhile, the people who make Redstone great will continue to deliver practical solutions to complex and persistent social problems. The combination of Arabella’s scale and expertise with our own lessons from 20 years of client service have the potential to open new ways to achieve impact. 

We also believe that meaningful social impact requires justice, empowerment, and co-creation with community. With similar values, Arabella has pursued an inspiring path to impact of its own — you can read about the change they deliver here in their latest Impact Report. Collectively, we recognize that the greatest power for solving problems exists in communities, and our job is to steward solutions together with them.  

As you can imagine, this change also brings challenges and uncertainties. But everyone at Redstone is here because we care about our work and one another. We are excited to build community with new colleagues at Arabella.  

You can read the official press release from Arabella about the acquisition here. I also encourage you to reach out to members of the Redstone team if you’d like to know more. Together, we look forward to continuing our collective work with you as we persist in making the world a better place.  

With warm regards, 

Nathan Huttner

Managing Director 

    About the Author
  • Nathan Huttner

    Nathan leads Redstone’s education practice, developing strategies, business plans, and impact initiatives to improve K-12 and higher education, and has also served clients in shared prosperity, health, and climate.