Improving education takes time, patient investment, and creative thinking.

From helping the most vulnerable students succeed to opening up resources for more students globally, our clients have pursued a range of initiatives to improve classrooms and lives. For the last 15 years, the Open Educational Resources community has turned the idea of high-quality materials that are reusable, remixable and freely available into a global movement. Redstone has helped foundations funding OER and core movement members refine their strategies and launch large-scale initiatives to advance them.

Most recently, Redstone helped launch the OER Degrees Initiative, which could eliminate textbook costs for some degree programs at 38 community colleges. This new initiative is underpinned by a strategy that places the emphasis on how a mature OER movement can help solve some of the most intractable challenges in education today.

At the same time, Redstone has also been engaged to help advocates across the United States inform policies that raise educational standards and increase access to high-quality education. We have supported advocates and their funders track progress and correct course in some of the most intense, fast-paced policy debates on education happening today. Core to this work remains an understanding of how the education system can change and how quickly so that all those working in education can set ambitious yet realistic targets and invest their money wisely.