It was a client’s ambitious goal for environmental impact that founded our firm.

Fifteen years ago, Redstone was founded to help preserve diverse ecosystems around the world. Together with the Linden Trust for Conservation, The Nature Conservancy, and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Redstone helped translate business sector practices into a new approach for funding ambitious conservation schemes. The Project Finance for Permanence (PFP) approach perpetually conserves ecosystems by constructing a single large deal that unites the full suite of stakeholders, resources, and commitments to achieve lasting protection at scale.

Today, Redstone’s commitment to innovating durable solutions to large-scale and complex environmental problems continues. The firm currently serves as a strategic partner for The Water Funder Initiative, a collaborative effort to identify and activate water solutions through philanthropic investments in the United States. At the White House Water Summit in March 2016 Project Water Data was launched, an effort to modernize data systems for better water management and establish a vision for open water information systems. A subsequent workshop at the NASA Ames Conference Center co-sponsored by Google Earth Engine and NASA Applied Sciences brought together some of the nation’s most influential water managers, policy makers, and representatives to map out a strategy for how to develop a technology over the next three years that will give greater access to crucial water data to water managers across the country.

Our clients continue to engage us in work that strives to make conservation more permanent and resilient in the long run. Redstone worked with a large NGO to evaluate the economic, environmental, and social costs and benefits of moving to commercial fishery management based on a cap-and-trade model known as catch shares. The resulting approach assigns shares of a total allowable catch to boats before the season begins each year. Major fisheries in the U.S. and British Columbia that have made the transition to catch shares experienced major economic improvements and clear gains in environmental conditions. We are eager to find innovative ways to make our planet healthier, and innovative partners to join us in that work.