Redstone’s Inclusive Impact practice advances diversity, inclusion, and equity in grantmaking and research practices. The strategy takes a close look at the methods and practices we use as consultants and that our clients use in their work, and identifies opportunities to shift or transform them. In the inclusive impact strategy, we push beyond familiar methods to:   

  • Listen to new people in new ways: We help clients expand the range of experts they engage in their learning to include those with lived experience or otherwise proximate to the challenges they aim to address but who have too often been excluded from decision making. We also work with clients to identify experts who bring vital perspectives to the dialogue, but who have not been engaged because of patterns of oppression, including people of color and women, among others.  
  • Consider new data sources and analytic strategies: We help clients make sense of a richer set of data that help them more fully understand the why and how of their work. We specialize in tools and approaches that make mixed methods research and use of qualitative data more accessible. We also help clients explore and leverage the benefits of Bayesian statistics to help them leverage more diverse data more effectively for decision making.  
  • Collaborate and come together to design, learn, and understand the work our clients are advancing. We work closely with clients to structure collaborative design and learning opportunities from workshops, focus groups, to standing advisory boards and councils.