Jarrett joined Redstone after graduating magna cum laude from Yale University, majoring in economics and with a special interest in health economics. He wrote his senior thesis on the impact of hospital consolidation on municipal finances.

Outside of academic work, Jarrett was a founding member of the Urban Philanthropic Fund, an organization that works closely with, and provides grants through its own fundraising efforts and investments to, New Haven nonprofits. He designed the group’s webpage for an initial fundraising drive and researched healthcare investment opportunities for the club. He also interned in the Public Policy Department at AdventHealth, where he spearheaded a research project to study rising healthcare costs, social determinants of health, and food insecurity. Jarrett is active in politics, phone banking, knocking on doors, and texting voters during recent election cycles. As an intern in Senator Bill Nelson’s office, he helped Floridians navigate the complexities of the VA and Social Security networks.

In his free time, Jarrett enjoys snow skiing, hiking, watching college football, and playing with his rescue lab, Lexi, and frequently organizes movie and board game nights with his friends. He grew up in Orlando, Florida.