Meley joined Redstone after graduating from Stanford University. There, she studied child development and cultural psychology. Meley applied her knowledge to her work as a 49ers Academy team lead, mentoring and tutoring East Palo Alto middle schoolers, creating academic enrichment programs, and organizing tutor lesson plans.  

At the Stanford Social Concepts Lab, Meley examined the role of race and systems of racism in academia. She also worked as a research assistant and project lead in Szu-chi Huang’s Behavioral Lab, analyzing consumer behavior and decision-making. 

Using her psychology background, Meley co-directed the Stanford Mental Health and Wellness Coalition, hosting campus-wide wellness events and developing Stanford’s student wellness group network. Additionally, she served as a mental health crisis-line worker and shift supervisor. 

Meley is originally from Portland, Oregon. She loves sound art projects, watching stand-up comedy, and fiction writing.