New York City has long been considered an “epicenter” of global philanthropy, and in March 2022, Redstone opened a new office in the heart of the City. The New York City office was first opened in 2018 to round out Redstone’s presence, with other offices in Colorado and California.  

Building on New York’s philanthropic backbone 

“New York has an incredibly rich and dense network of nonprofits and philanthropies, including some of the country’s oldest and largest philanthropies. There’s a tremendous number of organizations we’ve worked with here,” observes Sam Greenberg, Redstone Associate Principal and NYC Office Lead. With over 6,500 philanthropic foundations and roughly 46,000 nonprofit organizations, New York City is a natural fit for Redstone’s expertise.  

Over the years, Redstone has worked closely with a number of partners to address challenging societal problems, while serving some of NYC’s most marginalized communities. These projects have included: 

Creating impact within City systems 

“We have a very special relationship with the City,” notes Redstone principal Bob Shaver. Working on a number of projects in partnership with nonprofit, philanthropic, and government agencies, Redstone has, “learned the ins and outs of city government,” he explains.  

The results of this relationship show up in impactful solutions that address systemic challenges, coordinating efforts and improving equity and efficiency across neighborhood programs. 

An office as vibrant as the City itself 

A group of people in an office.Executive assistant Melinda Mills observes that everyone in the office is committed to a ‘work hard, play hard’ spirit. Although New York-based staff often work on projects across the U.S., many of them wouldn’t live anywhere else. “There’s a lot of energy here,” comments manager Sophie Gould.  

With weekly community lunch conversations revolving around fashion, shows, museums, music, and food, Redstone’s New York office pulses with the excitement of being in a dynamic city. “The best thing about the office is 100% the people,” remarks analyst Anishta Khan. “We all moved here by choice. There’s an aligned curiosity to learn and share each person’s understanding of New York.” Redstone analyst Hyungil Shim points out that in addition to client work, many of the staff members volunteer or engage with various community justice and social service efforts across the City. 

Say hello 

Next time you are on a call or dropping by, see if you can spot the NY office’s iconic vivid yellow walls in the call rooms– a color well-suited for a city that never sleeps.  

A group of people out on the town
Redstone NY office and friends out on the town