Bringing together diverse interests

Menlo Spark is a collaborative of community members, the government, and businesses to address climate change at a local level.

Striving to be a national leader

The collaborative aims to be a national leader in sustainability and climate action.

Menlo Spark began when a small group of community members with diverse interests and experience joined together to explore opportunities to promote long-term economic vitality, equity, and quality of life in Menlo Park while addressing the urgent threat of climate change. We believe that Menlo Park, with its highly engaged citizenry and unique resources in the heart of Silicon Valley, can be a national leader in sustainability and climate action, generating massive local benefits while serving as an example to similar cities and towns across the country.

This report is the product of several months of community engagement, research, and analysis. It is informed by several sources. First, we conducted an extensive series of interviews with members of the Menlo Park community, ranging from elected officials and government staff to business leaders and residents. Second, we interviewed local environmentalists and sustainability experts, as well as prominent climate, sustainability, and green technology experts and business leaders across the country. Finally, we gathered research and analyzed data to identify pathways to success for Menlo Park.