Identifying areas of change

Redstone worked to identify areas of change and improve performance.

Energizing funders

Improvements led to renewed energy in the organization's funder base.

International Planned Parenthood Federation was at a turning point in 2010.

“We had to boost our performance. If we didn’t, we were in danger of failing vulnerable groups,” said Tewodros Melesse, director general of IPPF.

Melesse’s quote is from a recently published Stanford Social Innovation Review piece titled, “Planned Performance,” co-authored by Lee Green and Jason Blau of Redstone, along with Margot Fahnestock, of The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

The article describes a joint effort that began in 2010 to design and implement a set of initiatives and tools to increase IPFF’s services and to strengthen its performance culture. Over the course of three years, we worked with IPPF to identify areas of change, improve the organization’s performance, and in turn, energize its funders.

The SSIR article allows us to share this project with the larger nonprofit community. And as an initiative requiring incredible collaboration – in this case, between IPPF, the Hewlett Foundation, and Redstone – we hope that such communication may provide valuable insight to community leaders. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such talented teams, and to have helped improve health services and access to individuals and communities around the globe.

    About the Authors
  • Jason Blau

    Jason is honored to be a trusted partner to clients rising to the occasion for communities and the planet.

  • Lee Green

    Lee is a Director at Redstone and co-leads the firm’s Environment practice.