I’m Connor, a new analyst at Redstone Strategy Group.

When I started thinking about potential careers in my senior year at Stanford, the only thing I knew was that I wanted to do some good in the world. As I explored Stanford’s careers portal to try to find inspiration, I stumbled upon Redstone. I had never heard of Redstone or even social impact consulting for that matter, and at first it seemed a little too good to be true: working on a wide variety of complex social impact projects with the best and the brightest? There must be a catch. I decided to apply and the interview process blew my expectations out of the water. I met wonderful, hilarious, enthusiastic, and brilliant people working on meaningful, interesting projects and am now lucky to call them my colleagues.

Who says no one wears a suit to work, anymore?

Right now, I’m working on two projects. One aims to reshape the technology industry to emphasize and integrate ethics and the second supports an initiative to improve the intersection of the food industry and climate change. I’ve been participating and leading brainstorms, creating PowerPoints, presenting to senior project leads and presidents of various organizations, interviewing experts, researching potential next steps, and supporting my project manager, Max Dovala. We talk and work together daily. He and my mentor, Kendall Beckett, have really invested in teaching and advising me and ensuring my smooth transition into Redstone. I cannot speak more highly or excitedly about my peers and my work.

Read more about Connor’s background and experience on our team page.

    About the Author
  • Connor Jordan

    While at Stanford, Connor worked with Smile Train Inc, a non-profit organization that delivers cleft palate surgery and care around the globe, through Stanford’s Design for Extreme Affordability program.