The need

The Foundation is uniquely prepared to lead the way into a future of sustainable water management.

The goal

The Foundation will create champions, equip advocates, create an educated public, and build the next generation of leaders.

Water is the lifeblood of Texas’ flourishing population, thriving economy, and rich array of wild landscapes.

However, this precious resource is becoming scarce and less predictable. It is up to today’s Texans to ensure the state has a sustainable water future where Texas’s people, economy, and ecosystems have access to the clean water they need.

This strategic plan sets a course for the Texas Water Foundation to realize this vision at a grander, more holistic scale than it has before.

The plan identifies the Foundation’s robust existing strengths; lays out why those strengths are crucial to a future of widely available, clean, well-managed water; and applies them to the most important issues facing Texas.

About the Texas Water Foundation

The Texas Water Foundation is a nonprofit organization striving to lead Texas into a sustainable water future. It encourages all Texans to recognize water’s vital role in safeguarding natural resources, protecting human health, and supporting economic growth. Under a committed Board of Directors encompassing many leaders of Texas water, the Foundation aims to mobilize decision-makers and citizens alike to protect, enhance, and conserve precious water resources for the use and enjoyment of future generations.