Closing a $575M gap

Demand-driven funding advocacy can help close a $575M gap in core funding.

Customized advocacy strategies

Country and regional analyses lead to customized advocacy strategies aimed at specific funders.

Redstone provided research and analysis to help close the estimated $575 million gap between the funding sub-Saharan African countries need to satisfy their populations’ demands for family planning and reproductive health services and the amount the countries ordinarily receive from outside donors.

Our analysis explored how to bridge that gap and ensure reproductive health and rights. This led to a strategy of supporting contraceptive distribution in specific countries like Ethiopia and Rwanda; helping countries learn how to advocate for local and international funding; and investing in research supporting the importance of family planning.

One of the resulting pieces of work was an advocacy strategy to increase demand-driven funding for family planning and reproductive health in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Prepared for The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, June 5, 2008.