Delaney Overton

When graduating high school, I decided to spend a gap year teaching a K-3rd afterschool class—a job filled with giggling and screaming seven-year-olds, messy “culture and cooking” classes, and moments reading side-by-side with students catching up to grade-level. Come senior year of college, when I again faced the wide-open question of what was next, I did not know where to go. What job would allow me to reconcile that my favorite classes in undergrad were “Learning and Poverty” and statistics? “Introduction to Children’s Health Disparities” and “Decision Modeling and Information?”

Enter Redstone. I joined Redstone fresh out of undergrad and was immediately helping to scope investment decisions to improve our education system. From day one, I got to research educational equity, analyze strategic options, and bring my thoughts and ideas to conversations with senior project leaders. Meanwhile, I quickly discovered that my co-workers discuss the history of economic justice with the same vigor they use to compete at mini-golf (and, believe me, they are good).

I have found the job that reconciles my love of strategy and social good. What’s more, I have found people with whom I can learn, laugh, and create meaningful impact.

Jessica Yan

From the moment I stepped foot on campus, I knew I was motivated to pursue a career promoting social change. But after summers of collecting signatures, working in local government, and researching health disparities, I never was sure what form this would take post-graduation.

Searching for direction my senior year, I discovered Redstone inadvertently through the scribbled notes of my career advisor. I had never considered a career in consulting, but quickly became enamored by Redstone’s work and the many brilliant and fascinating individuals that I met on the interview trail. I couldn’t accept my offer quickly enough!

Now, I’m part of a team working to strengthen philanthropic practice across one of the world’s largest philanthropies. Not only have I been tasked to analyze data and draft client messaging, but I have been able to directly interface with leaders in the field. Beyond this, I have been welcomed in by an entire firm of intelligent, compassionate, and driven colleagues. I cannot speak more highly of my work, my colleagues, and of Redstone.

Read more about Delaney and Jessica’s background and experience on our team page. Interested in joining Redstone? Check out our Opportunities page.

    About the Authors
  • Delaney Overton

    Delaney designs strategies and action-oriented learning opportunities with partners tackling economic justice, education, and human development.

  • Jessica Yan

    Jessica supports clients across sectors to center racial and gender equity in the design and implementation of strategic plans