As a recent grad, it isn’t uncommon to feel daunted by the task of choosing where you’ll move next. Though many students consider landing in big cities, in a recent ranking of the best places to launch a career after graduation, Boulder ranked in the top three.

According to Kiplinger, a DC based business forecasting firm, Boulder offers new graduates above-average paychecks, affordable rent, and a high number of twenty-somethings. Kiplinger noted that these factors make the city one of the best in the States to settle into after school.

We started Redstone in Boulder because it offered not only Kiplinger’s designated factors, but also a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and a balanced lifestyle. With an average of 300 sunny days a year, Boulderites stay active year round. There are abundant trails, running, and cycling paths within the city limits, and the Rocky Mountains, Indian Peaks, and abundant skiing areas are a short drive from town. There are also over a dozen microbreweries in town, a nationally recognized food scene, cafes featuring three local coffee roasters, and great music traveling through town every week. For city life, Denver is a quick thirty minute drive away.

With our recruiting season in full swing, we were excited to see Boulder on Kiplinger’s list this week. Interested in joining us in Boulder or San Francisco? Learn more about working with Redstone here.