Vikas is a researcher and designer dedicated to equitable and socially-conscious work. He joined Redstone after conducting on-the-ground user research in Kanpur, India with families of children with clubfoot, community leaders, and medical professionals in partnership with the nonprofit MiracleFeet. The resultant product, MiraCal, is a mass-producible audio calendar gift that educates community members about clubfoot treatment and promotes widespread information diffusion. 

At Stanford, Vikas studied data analytics, service design, and social impact evaluation. He worked closely with the Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship to create a comprehensive impact evaluation framework for Tamkeen, their high school education initiative. In the Designing Education Lab, he investigated the role of hands-on engineering coursework in advancing the self-confidence and sense of belonging of Black, brown, and female students. Bridging quantitative and qualitative research methods, Vikas led analysis of campaign finance data to investigate the influence of corporate money in state contracts and examined the role of the Trump administration’s policies on immigration court decisions.

Vikas is originally from Indiana and loves the beach, board games, and exploring. He aspires to compete on (and win!) the TV show Survivor.