Maeve joins Redstone after finishing her junior year at Stanford University. At Stanford, Maeve has pursued her interest in the effects of climate change on communities and low-income people by majoring in Environmental Systems Engineering. Building on this coursework, she worked on green building policy in Washington DC city government as well as on electrifying rural health clinics with distributed renewable energy at the UN Foundation. She has also pursued research opportunities connected to water and energy policy such as changing energy use behavior and studying the economics of solar plus storage systems. Beyond the academic arena, Maeve has coordinated events for the largest sustainability group on campus, Students for a Sustainable Stanford, for the last two years. She also actively contributes to the Stanford community as a University Tour Guide, as a Resident Assistant in a four-class dorm and a mentor for high school girls in STEM. Maeve loves to bake, exercise, and explore.

In her sophomore year, Maeve studied abroad in Santiago, adding Chile to destinations like Uganda, Dubai, and Morocco that Maeve has been fortunate to visit through opportunities during her time at Stanford. Maeve is from Maryland and speaks French and Spanish.


Stanford University, B.S. Environmental Systems Engineering with a focus on Urban Environments, Minor Modern Languages