Luis studies sociology and data science at Yale University, specifically focused on the role of technology and social media on the lives of everyday people. In everything he does, Luis has one goal in mind: how can we improve the lives of individuals.

This past spring semester, Luis spent his semester as a data analytics intern at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). His work analyzed donor data, web and digital behavior, and content measurement. In the summer of 2020, Luis spent time as a data engineer on Instagram, supporting Black and women-owned businesses. He has also provided quantitative support to various non-profits. Through this work, Luis has evaluated the government’s strategy to the opioid crisis and ran first-of-its-kind analysis on the early childhood education subsidy system in Texas.

On campus, Luis has served as president of the Latinx pre-professional student organization and the traditional Mexican folk dancing team. He has also served as a quantitative research assistant to various professors and researchers, covering topics such as the sentiment and emotion of the Black Lives Matter movement on Twitter, civility on the social media platform NextDoor, tax authority of US localities, and formation of Mexican elites.

In his free time, Luis is an avid movie watcher and writes a weekly newsletter about life, movies, and technology.