Daniel will join Redstone for a Summer 2020 internship after completing his junior year at Princeton University. He is studying sociology and minoring in statistics and computer science. Through his classes, Daniel has conducted research about the experiences of the homeless populations in New York City and Trenton and is currently working on an independent project studying the effects of crowdsourced labor platforms.

In addition to his classes at Princeton, Daniel is the Head Advising Fellow for Matriculate, which is a national college access nonprofit organization that provides college counseling for high-achieving, low-income students. Daniel also just started a new club at Princeton, called the Fine Foods and Fermentation Club, a student organization dedicated to spreading a love for food and learning about the science and culture of all things related to food!

In prior summers, Daniel spent time in Boston as the Organizational Development Intern at uAspire, another college access nonprofit organization. He also spent a summer in Lima, Peru, where he completed a consulting project for Recidar. He aided in Recidar’s mission of fighting economic inequality and environmental waste by developing and improving company culture and worker satisfaction for the company.

Daniel enjoys cooking, fermenting, hiking, and reading. He is originally from New Jersey and speaks Korean.


  • Princeton University, Prospective A.B. Sociology with Minors in Statistics & Machine Learning and Computer Science.